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XFlash® 6 | 60
Special Promotion

QUANTAX EDS with XFlash® 6 | 60 Promotion

The XFlash® 6 | 60 offers the ideal combination of active area, solid angle and light element performance. This detector features a 60 mm² detector chip housed in a slim-line tube with a tapered endcap. This ensures that you can get very close to your sample and optimize the solid angle of collection allowing you to either work with high count rates on robust samples or use low beam currents for sensitive ones and still benefit by short measurement times.

With an energy resolution of 129 eV (optionally 126 eV) at Mn Kα this detector offers very good energy resolution, supporting analysis in the light element and low energy range of the spectrum. This is also very beneficial in the analysis of e.g. life science specimens. Please see the XFlash® 6 | 60 Spec Sheet (PDF) for details.

…or why not invest in a powerful dual detector system?

This is easily done, as the QUANTAX EDS spectrometer supports up to 4 detectors. Beyond double the count rate and additional fail-safety there are many more benefits to be had from a dual detector setup. Shadowing is reduced on samples with topography and the use of even lower beam currents protects sensitive samples even better and image drift through sample charging is reduced as well.

Up until September 30th, 2015 we are offering our QUANTAX EDS spectrometer with a single XFlash® 6 | 60 detector for the same price you would pay for a 30 mm² XFlash® 6 | 30 detector. A second detector is available at 50% of the original XFlash® 6 | 60 price. Use the link to our form below to send us your details, and your local sales person will contact you and provide you with a quote according to your individual needs.

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